Monday, February 6, 2012

Sketchbook Project Finished!

Last week I finished my book for the Sketchbook Project and sent it back to the Brooklyn Art Library.  Here's my contribution:   Left is a view thru an archway on Alcatraz Island in the San Francisco Bay from a photograph I took back in 2007 when we were visiting on vacation.  Right is an elephant.  I've always wanted to draw one because they are so interesting with all the texture.
A couple of old sketches pulled from an old sketchbook.
Left is from a photograph I took at a bed and breakfast we stayed at in Blowing Rock, NC.    Right is just an anonymous portrait.
Butterfly done with graphitint pencils and Micron pens and  a Faber-Castell brush pen.
A couple of sketches of my cat on the left.  You can see by the weird eyes on the bottom sketch that I got bored so moved onto the seed pod and seeds on the right.
 Cellist done with Micron pens and a Faber-Castell brush pen.
Portraits of friends, Christina on the left and Michele on the right.
Dostoevsky on the left and myself on the right.
Feet are an interesting subject also.
 More sketches pulled from an old sketchbook.
This was done from a photograph a friend of mine posted online.  These are her horses coming to greet her one morning.  A finished drawing will be made from this sketch.
 More sketches pulled from an old sketchbook.  The one on the right is my logo and on my business card.
Another friend on the left and a sketch of a woman sleeping.
 Two people kissing.  Was on a Toulouse-Lautrec kick for awhile there, so this was my tribute to him, but I didn't have time to add color.
And one more sketch pulled from an old sketchbook.

I was so excited to be a part of the SP for 2012, but right after I received my book, I lost my inspiration and did nothing for a good part of the year.  Then, in the fall I was asked to do a couple of shows and got busy real fast.  Too bad that when my muse finally returned, I HAD to draw instead of being able to take my time and put finished drawings in the sketchbook like I had planned.  I crammed for two nights to finished the sketchbook and get it in on time.  But, the good thing that came out of this experience is that I'm back into work mode.  Stay tuned for some finished pieces that I did for a show at Wicked Gallery in Wilmington, NC.