Monday, November 30, 2009

'66 Mustang Driver's Side Mirror

More on the Mustang theme.  I've decided to do a series on chrome and shiny things, which will come as no surprise to close friends.  For this one I used extensive photo reference.  I have no control over mother nature or the sun's path across the sky, so drawing from life  was out of the question.  At least until I get more familiar with the material and how it reflects the world around it.  I spent most of my time studying the photographs and how the lines would bend and merge and how the many different values blended.   The camera is a wonderful tool for artists.   I will be experimenting with a new combination of tools in the  drawings to come.  I've been studying JD Hillberry's work and I like the contrast he gets from using graphite, charcoal and carbon pencils.  Hopefully, this coming year I will be able to attend one of JD's workshops and learn directly from the master.  This piece is 4 x 6 inches, 2B pencil on clayboard.  I had a sample of this and decided to try something new, but I'm sad to say I just wasn't satisfied with it.  I had to lay down many more layers than usual to get my darks and when it rained during the warmer weather and we had the windows open, the board seemed to absorb the moisture and then I had to wait days for it to dry out because the lead just seemed to slide around on top of it.  Also it scratched easily.  Seemed like if I breathed on it, it would scratch.  Would love to hear if any of you have had experience with clayboard and what you've used on it and whether you liked it or not.