Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Noses 16-18

Here are 3 more nose studies that I did oh so long ago. I still have 13 more to post. So, as you will see, I tried to spice it up a bit by making my kids pose with their noses pressed against the window for something entirely different. The third one is my husband's nose which is very interesting and was fun to sketch. Even after all this time, the sketching really helped me to become familiar with the nose to the point that I can draw them really well again. Off to work on the piece I'm hoping to finish by Saturday!


Sandy said...

Great study here - I always learn from these posts. and thanks for the comments on my blog - glad you enjoy my Europe sketches, I loved every minute and the sketches really made it so personal, I hope I can go again and do More!! Wouldn't a Europe sketching tour be FABULOUS!!!

Alex said...

I just want to say... NOSEEEEE!! :) I think it's an amazing study! I've never done anything like that...may it be any part of the body, I kinda just jumped into things and start drawing. But these are the fundamentals that I think I should be doing first... will look for an art class next year!
Nice sketches!

Possum Patty said...

Lots of fun!