Wednesday, December 5, 2007

#25 Draw a Glass

Glass is really difficult. so I don't do it that often. There are so many shades of gray. The thing I really love about glass, though, is all the reflections and the way that lines are skewed and travel from thin to fat. The way the surface that the glass is sitting on becomes broken up and moved around like one of Picasso's cubist images. There are amazing shapes in glass, but I find it hard to slow my eyes down when I am doing glass. For this reason I allotted myself 10 minutes for this sketch and no more. I'd like to do more glass and do it well... it's on the list! 2B pencil in my small moleskine. This marks the halfway point in my sketchbook.

Days 7 thru 10

I am becoming more familiar with noses. Almost to the point where I can do them from memory. Practice makes perfect after all. My kids are wonderful models. They will do anything I ask them to. Dave sat with his head tilted back for a good five minutes while I sketched the upward angle. I'm trying to sketch the negative space instead, but sometimes it's hard. I really want to draw a line instead of shade the background, but I can feel I'm becoming more confident. I can't scan these every day as we are way too busy here, so I will be scanning and posting every few days. My oldest son will be graduating in the spring, so we are working hard to make sure he has all his ducks in a row. I'm so proud of him! 2B Pencil in small moleskine.

Doodlin' Fool

More doodles, not much else to say about it except that they are fun.