Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Nose Study

I was over at my friend Penny's house on Sunday for some drawing time and we got to talking and looking at artist's sites and painting videos. Inspired by Anita Davies, we are going to do 30 days of nose studies. I admire Anita's dedication and enthusiasm for her work and enjoy perusing her blogs and following her progress. Seeing her works is very motivating for me and I often wonder if I hadn't gone to art school, would I still feel the enthusiasm for drawing that I use to? Don't get me wrong, I learned immensely from my instructors! Especially Dave Leese who I admire greatly. The one thing I remember about Mr. Leese was that he was a very artistic person in soul. He lived artistically, if that makes sense. Robert Buchanan fueled my obsession with photo-realism. I could not paint to save my life, and I exasperated him and in turn he made me cry (I can laugh about that now!), but I was determined to "paint" with my pencils. Curtis Doll was a huge influence on my drawings also and I learned a lot from the critiques he held. So, I'm not discounting my education. But, art school tends to put many rules and restrictions on a young artist. I've broken some of those rules as in my portrait of the old man, but I look at Anita's work as see how free and vibrant it is. I also see where going back to basics for me is going to be beneficial. So, for 30 days (!) Penny and I are taking our cue from Anita and doing nose studies. And during this time I hope to manage my time better which is a huge hurdle for me. But, I've set goals for catching up on the challenges, doing the exercises in Keys to Drawing With Imagination and catching up on the IF challenges. Lofty goals for me, yes. But, time management and limited exposure to technology are my stepping stones. A big thanks to Anita for all the inspiration she gives me without even knowing it, and for inviting us into her studio to see her growth and her beautiful works. I'm grateful to the folks at EDM for all their support and encouragement as always. Hope this wasn't way too sappy! And now in the name of "time management" I am off to do some art! 2B pencil in my small moleskine.


dibujandoarte said...

You've done a great job but most important is all the energy you put to make a 30 day studies!!

Teri C said...

This is a wonderful challenge and you are sure to benefit. After doing a leaf everyday for a month, I can see how I have improved. Your nosed here look great.

Now I am considering doing portraits EEK! I need SO much practice on them.

shirley said...

Love the sketches. I am inspired by your month of noses and maybe need to use that structure for my 2008 Art Goal to draw faces, i.e. noses in January, eyes in Feb, mouths in March, ears in April, etc

BMoon said...

I'm laughing, why are noses so funny? These are great sketches and I love the idea of "majoring" in noses for a ful 30 days...can't wait to see the progress. Love your Doodle Noodles!