Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Keys to Drawing With Imagination

I had also started to read the book Keys to Drawing With Imagination and was really enjoying it. I did these four exercises before I let myself become distracted by other things in my life. I swear, if they tested me now, they would probably say I'm ADD. The inside of my brain is a messy, cluttered desk. But, I've redoubled my efforts to work my way through this book because I think it will be beneficial to me and I'm happy when I'm doing the exercises. Doing these exercises brought back some memories for me. When I was in elementary school, I distinctly remember my friends and I doodling like this. We would make words using block letters and then fill them in using those undulating lines. So, one of the doodles I did was of the word love. We would put these on our book covers and use a pen that had 4 different colored inks in it and each line would be a different color. Amazing what you can remember as you're drawing! Micron pens in my small moleskine.


Teri C said...

I love this book too! Opened up a whole new world for me. Now that I look at yours I want to open it again. LOVE these doodles!

Linda T said...

WOW! These are terrific! I need to do some more of that book. You have so many unique noodlings.

Roshanda said...

I really like what you have done here. I just got the book and an making my way through it. It is a wonderful book.