Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Another Nose

This is Day 4 and this time I drew my youngest son's nose because it's just so cute. I can't say that to him since he is 15 and a mom just isn't supposed to say stuff like that! Anyway, a couple of things I noticed that I have observed before: children's nostrils are not as defined as an adult's. This makes it a challenge to define where the nose ends and the cheeks begin totally by tonal values. No lines here. Tomorrow I will have him sit for me so I do a side view. And when my husband returns, it will be fun to do his nose and he has a great nose! The other thing is that tip of the nose doesn't protrude as much as an adult nose does. Just some observations. 2B pencil in small moleskine.

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Anonymous said...

You are a very talented artist Madame Sherie! I love your work. Do you ever do portraits of ladies? Ladies in pretty dresses to be more exact. Do let me know if you do. ^^ Hmmm, it is a cute should tell your son that. Trust me, it'd be funny. XD