Monday, May 21, 2007

What's in YOUR wallet?

I started this drawing more than a month ago, and I just couldn't bering myself to finish it. I wanted a finished drawing because at the time, others were posting finished work and I felt compelled to do the same, but what happened was I found myself bored with the subject. And because of my personal rule about finishing what I've started before going on to something else, I inadvertently paralyzed myself. I couldn't finish this one, therefore I couldn't move on. So, I decided to just not finish it and a huge burden lifted from my shoulders. Now I am free to draw what I really want to, my iris'! This isn't a very good scan. In order to make the file small enough to be manageable, I lost some detail. The original really does look pretty good.

Monday, May 14, 2007

I'm it!

I've been tagged by Anita of Art by Anita fame. I'm supposed to list 7 things about myself that no one knows about me. Hmmmm, this was hard for me to do, but I think I've succeeded. So following is a list of things about myself, followed by the 7 other blogs that I've tagged. :-) This is too much fun! Thanks, Anita, for tagging me and allowing me to play.

1. I have a habit of twisting my hair. I hate it, but it is a compulsion that I cannot stop. My mom did it, and my brother, too, so it must be genetic. My dad told me the story that when I was a baby, before I had hair, I would lay in the bassinette and twirl my finger next to my head like people do when they motion that someone is crazy. My oldest son does not do it, but my youngest does. We fortunately do not do this in public, only at home where everyone loves us and accepts us with all our eccentricities.

2. I have a small scar above my left eye in my eyebrow where my cousin hit me with a rock when we were young and dumb. We were bored one day at the bold age of 8 and decided a rock battle would be a good idea. I needed 3 stitches to close the skin.

3. When my then boyfriend and I decided to get married 21 years ago this August, the priest from our Catholic church refused to come to my parent's house to marry us, even though I had gone there all my life, been baptized and took first communion and been confirmed there also. (Since then I have refused to go to their house to worship ) My dream had always been an outside wedding in the garden. My dad, always prepared, had a back-up plan and invited a very good friend of his to perform the ceremony. The friend was a wonderful man that looked as old as the earth he walked upon. He was a Baptist minister and ours was only the second wedding he had ever presided over. He was very nervous and ended up marrying me to Bil twice, but never married Bil to me! So, it's a running joke within our families that we are living in sin. And since we are not considered married in the eyes of the Catholic church anyway, it's an even bigger hoot. But, both PA and NC are common-law states, so he's stuck with me. *smile*

4. I love snakes. I think all reptiles are beautiful. I've passed this love of reptiles on to my sons who now volunteer at a local science center and are educating children on the benefits of reptiles in the environment and teaching them not fear, but to respect snakes. We are also a cat loving family!

5. When I was in elementary school I took ballet. Quitting is one of the few regrets I have of my life. I resigned the year I was supposed to get my pointe shoes. I also took classical piano lessons for 10 years as a child and recently I bought a piano and am now getting familiar with it all over again.

6. My maternal great grandmother was a full blood Black Foot Indian. There was also Indian blood on my father's side of the family, but when my brother was trying to get information from relatives to trace our genealogy, the old timers were too embarrassed and would not talk about the subject. Clammed up tight. We kids thought it was the coolest thing to have Indian blood. My 3 cousins, who I spend a large amount of time with, were of Italian decent on their father's side, but they told everyone they were Indian and they looked the part with their dark skin and long black hair. My other decendants were primarily Irish and Scottish, so I always have an internal struggle going on about my background even though I refer to myself as an American, not a hypennated one. Our family has been here much too long for that. My first relative immigrated to the US in 1781. They were a farming family.

7. I am a huge procrastinator which is why there hasn't been any new art posted to my blog lately. lol!

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