Monday, April 16, 2007

Sad day

Today is a very sad day and I was going to draw tonight but can't find it in my heart to do so. When my husband told me about the shootings on the VA Tech campus this morning, my heart went cold. And then I got mad. I'm so sick of the miserable people who populate this world that think they are justified in killing innocent people and making other families miserable, too. I believe that life is the most precious thing we have and it sickens me that there are others who do not share this belief. I am not religious in the way that some people go to church and pray or practice any number of religions. I was born Catholic, but I do not practice the faith. I am spiritual, but my church is the mountains and streams and remote areas where the animals are free to hunt and wander without human intervention. I am most comfortable in that setting. I would never take another's life because I was in so much pain or filled with so much rage. And I have been both. Other people have set out to hurt me maliciously, and even though I have been angry, I have never once thought of killing them. Revenge yes, but not murder. I have also been the target for people who are so miserable that they are not happy unless everyone around them is miserable, too. I have no tolerance for these people. They are not victims, they are just people who refuse to take the steps to change their miserable lives into something better. There has to be a special hell for people like this to spend eternity in. I feel so sad for the families of the students killed, they will have so many questions and a long road ahead of them with no closure. I homeschool my kids. In the beginning I did it because of the lack of academic quality in the public schools where we lived. Then I did it because I just love spending time with my kids. I never chose to do it out of fear, but I felt grateful for the opportunity to homeschool and keep my children safe every time I heard about a shooting at a school. I felt thankful that my kids weren't harmed. Now, my children are nearing college age and I have something new to fear. What would those innocent young adults have contributed to society had they lived? We will never know because some selfish, self-centered, miserable excuse for a human being ended their lives needlessly. Some things should not be forgiven. Some of these familes will forgive this guy so that they can move on with their lives. I will not begrudge them that. They have to do what they need to to get through this traumatic time in their lives. But, that's not in my personality. I will spit on his grave and hope hell is too hot for his sorry ass. I don't care what prompted this, what his reasons were, because there is no excuse for what he did. There will be experts trying to justify what he did in this politically correct climate, but I say he was wrong, plain and simple. And then there will be the gun control advocates screaming for more laws. Well, when they start enforcing the ones they have now, we can talk about new ones. The fact remains that if the guy didn't have guns, he would've used something else. A knife, a machete (Red Lion, PA), a bomb. The real issue here is that he WANTED to kill. Keeping guns away from everyone, even responsible owners is not the answer. And the liberal left is going to have to accept that other people live differently from them and that maybe hunting is not for them, but for some people it is a way to put food on the table. The answer is raising up our children to be personally responsible for their actions.


artnewbie said...

Just heard about it on the radio here in England, and I really feel for you. Not just for the families directly involved, but everyone who hears about the tragedy are touched by it. Hugs.

aPugsLife-laserone said...

Hi, I read your post and I'm there with you! This whole thing is horrible. I'm not the kind of person who forgives easily either. I agree that immediately (already) there is political positioning and talk about gun laws, etc. which I agree is a waste of time. I just feel bad for the families of these people, and I actually feel bad for the family of the shooter. Most likely they never saw this coming. The whole thing just stinks.