Sunday, February 25, 2007

Where I Get My News #107

The question was where do you get your news? Truthfully, I try not to watch, listen or read the news because I just get upset. And there's nothing I can do, so I try to limit my exposure. The news I do get is from the Times-News out of Burlington, NC. The newspaper is owned by Freedom Communications which is owned by a libertarian family. In this day of such extremes (left & right) it is hard to find a good balance and I feel the libertarian sources provide that balance. It still can't stop the murders and horrible things that happen to people, so that's why I limit myself. I know there are bad things and people in the world and that's enough for me. This wasn't really an interesting scene, so I just did a line drawing for this one. My head really wasn't in it. This is my corner of the world; the corner of the kitchen counter where my mac lives. I can see the livingroom and dining room (where my husband usually is with his laptop working), so I can see what the kids are doing on the family pc.

It was ugly here today because of the rain and grayness. So, I didn't get to sketch my bearded iris shoots. Maybe tomorrow. It's been beautiful and apparently we need the rain rather badly because I overheard some of the tv news my husband was watching last night and there were reports of wildfires across the state due to the dryness. And some of the bad news I don't like to hear: a bunch of people lost there homes (an apartment building) when some people smoking outside tossed a lit cigarette on the ground and it ignited. Sad. Hope your weekend was a good one and that your coming week is full of light and warmth and art!

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Emma Pod said...

I totally understand what you wrote about not wanting to hear the news. It's usually very distressing - who died, who stole something, or had a terrible illness, or cheated, etc, etc. Very depressing. I also try to limit how much I take in each day, otherwise it feel overwhelming. I like your kitty sketches too and am going to capture mine.